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Falcon M-12, 1.5U Full D1 Network Video Recorder

Product Features


  • Full D1 recording on All channels

  • Dual Core CPU

  • H.264 Dual Stream Compression

  • HDMI, VGA, TV/Spot(BNC) Synchronous Output

  • Live, Recording, Playback, Backup and Remote Access

  • 16-Channel Simultaneous Real-time Playback and Smartsearch

  • Smart Video Detection; MD, Camera Blank, Video-Loss

  • 3D Intelligent positioning with Falcon M-12 SDX PTZ Camera

  • 2 Internal  SATA Ports suppot 6TB of storage 3TB and

         1 DVD Drive

All channel Full D1 Real Time Recording 1.5 U DVR, 1080p Display, HDMI Video & Audio Output, 2 Internal SATA Ports for 6TB Storage or 3TB and

1 DVD-RQ Drive

Custom-Built PC based DVR's

Advanced Features


  • H.264 Compression,MPEG 4

  • Smart Search & Search Motion

  • 24 hours at Glance

  • On-Board PTZ controls

  • External Monitor Output - Remote Display

  • Programmable monitor ouputs for alarms

  • Intergrated alarm input & ouput panel

  • Smartphone compatible

  • Web view access

  • Text insert P.O.S (point of sale) tracking

  • 8 Channel DVR's fully Upgradable to 16 channels

  • 500 gb, 1TB, 2TB (and greater) Hard Drive Storage, Capacity available

  • 120 FPS Display X 120 FPS Recording and Higher

  • Image resolution : 640X480 (D1), 640 X 240 (Half D1), 320 X 240(CiF)

  • Recording Modes: Continuos, Motion, Sensor, Pre-Alarm, Scheduled

  • Mini-Case or Rank Mount Chassis

  • No monthly Subscription Fees

  • No Softwares license required

  • Back-up capabilities, DVD-RW, USB, CD, DVD

  • Operating Systems: Windows Home or Windows Professional

Product's for those businesses in need of a more robust solution. Our custom-built PC based systems are a great option with such advanced features such as...

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