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When you have over 60% of your business going through the drive-thru, you really can't afford to lose any business days. We can definitely understand how important this aspect of your business is. In order for your drive-thru system to work at peak performance, it first needs to detect the vehicle at the menu board. This is done through a device called a preformed loop, which is about 2 inches and connected to a device called the digital loop.

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When this preformed loop goes bad, you can expect a wide range of problems, including false detection, detection lock-up, and no-detection.


If this system detects a vehicle when there isn't one, it's a false detection. Detection lock-up occurs when a vehicle pulls away but the system fails to detect this.

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The solution to all of these problems are to replace the preformed loop with a new one. We do this by using a saw cut to cut a rectangle in the concrete. Next, we install a new loop cable and backing rod. All of this is done professionally and neatly, as we close up the seal with a fast-drying epoxy that can be driven on in as little as 15 minutes!


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