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MicroSale provides a powerful, ingenious point of sale system for thousands of hospitality establishments worldwide. MicroSale has been in business for over twenty years offering the latest in innovation and design. From fine dining to concession stands, the software can be fully configured to tailor to any hospitality environment. MicroSale is a proven solution that will help reduce costs and increase profits. For more information, visit

About MicroSale

MicroSale is fully customizable. All skins can be changed to any logo or background! Personalize your system for fast and easy access!

MicroSale is designed to enhance productivity, reduce confusion, and eliminate errors, giving you a quick return on your investment. Microsale has an extensive array of easy-to-use features that can be configured to adapt to all hospitality environments from fine dining to concession stands.


Menu changes and daily specials are easy to enter into the system. All changes can be done while your restaurant is open and can be done without shutting down terminals.

Versatile, Managable, and Cost Effective

Now there is no need to hand write tickets before relaying information to the computer. MicroSale's tablet application mirrors the functionality and layout of stationary terminals. Fire orders directly at the table. This means faster ticket times and a more intimate customer ordering experience.


Compatible with iPad, Android, PDA, and Tablet PCs.

Mobilize your POS with Handheld Ordering

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