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We stand behind our products 100% here at Midwest Business Machines Inc. Because we are proud of the products we sell, we service everything we sell, which results in quick turnaround times for our customers. Whether you are located down the street or out of state, we will provide a quick solution to whatever repair needs you require.

Is your printer running slower than normal?

The Epson TM-88 thermal printers, along with requisition and remote kitchen printers are one

of the most popular used in the retail and

restaurant industry today.


We are proud of our hard work, as we make sure your business is not down or delayed, by providing in-house repair staffs that can repair your printer and have it back to you the same day. Depending on the problem, we can even fix it while you wait!

Fixed while you wait!

We know how frustrating it is when your drive-thru is down. No one can afford to lose a day or more of business. With over 30 years in this industry, we are dedicated to getting your business up and running so you can get back to making profit. Click here to read more about our drive-thru loop installation and repair services.

Repairs and installations at your fingertips

Get your printer running like new!


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